About Us

The founding team of Kona USA on a recent bonefishing trip in The Bahamas. Martin Bawden (center), who is also the founder and CEO of Flymen Fishing Co., spearheaded the effort to start Kona USA, partnering with Shane Terblanche (right) and Caleb Welborn (left).

Kona USA

Kona USA manages the promotion, distribution and sales of retail and bulk packaged hooks Kona® hooks. We provide bulk quantity hooks to lure manufacturers and commercial fly tyers. Our unique OEM agreements allow us to supply companies who wish to sell hooks under their own brand or create a unique hook design.

Kona Technology

Kona® has grown into one of the leading hook producers by developing the most advanced, innovative modern hook techniques to meet the stringent demands of the modern angler. Every aspect of production from raw materials to final product has been optimized including materials selection, wire forming, point grinding, advanced color coatings, heat treatment and chemical hook sharpening.

Every Kona hook can withstand even the toughest saltwater and freshwater angling situations. This comprehensive range of ultra-sharp fishing hooks are all made from Japanese high-carbon steel with a corrosion resistant black-nickel finish.

Kona’s new, ultra-modern factory has the technical capability to produce virtually any type of hook imaginable for any fishing application to exact customer specifications.

Become a Kona Partner

Whether you're looking for bulk quantity fishing hooks for commercial lure making/fly tying, wanting an OEM agreement to sell fishing hooks under your own brand or with a unique design, or if you're seeking to upgrade your retail fishing hook offerings with Kona® brand fishing hooks, you can fill out our brief Kona Partners form to get started. We look forward to discussing this opportunity further with you!