Professional fly tyer Danny Ward says: 

"The Kona Xtra Strong Stinger (XSS) is an awesome hook, I use them now instead of the Gamakatsu B10S in my double deceivers and other big streamer patterns I tie. I purchase mine through Hareline Dubbin and it is awesome that us commercial tyers can get them in bulk."

Professional fly tyer Matt Bennett (FlyGeekMatt) says:

The Kona Big Game Hunter BGH is a stellar carp hook. The BGH is totally different from anything Ahrex has. Reminds me of the Partridge Boiles I used to use for carp before they went away.

Professional fly tyer and fishing guide Brian Wise (Fly Fishing The Ozarks) says:

Being in the big streamer tying game I have tied on every hook imaginable. The Kona Xtra Strong Stinger (XSS) has completely replaced the Gamakatsu B10s as my go-to big streamer hook. The steel is top-notch and the hook is sticky-sharp... great hook!

Professional fishing guide Norbert Renaud says:

I think I finally found my favorite hooks! The Kona Xtra Strong Stinger (XSS), the Big Game Carnivore (BGC), and the Big Game Hunter (BGH)!

Nick Williams of Oklahoma Fly Company says about the Kona Big Game Hunter (BGH):

Hooks from Kona Fishing make sweet small Clouser Minnows. Size #8 up to size 1/0!

Onion Creek Fly Co. says about the Kona Universal Strong Streamer (USS) hook:

Really loving these hooks for shrimp!