Xtra Strong Stinger (XSS)

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A stinger hook without compromise. The Kona Xtra Strong Stinger takes the popular and effective stinger-style hook to the next level with added 2X strength to hold up to the rigors of fighting bigger fish.

Specs: Streamers & hair bugs, black-nickel finish, barbed, stinger style, straight eye, 2X strength, wide gap, ultra sharp, high-carbon steel, forged.

Compares to: Gamakatsu B10S, Tiemco TMC 8089.

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Professional fly tyer Danny Ward says: "The Kona XSS is an awesome hook, I use them now instead of the Gamakatsu B10S in my double deceivers and other big streamer patterns I tie. I purchase mine through Hareline Dubbin and it is awesome that us commercial tyers can get them in bulk."